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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cool Japan Festival....Mumbai Mein!! (Biggest)

Sometimes I just land at the right place, like today when I was at the Phoenix Mills I did not know that I actually would be attending the opening ceremony of Cool Japan Festival celebrating 60 years of Indo Japan relations. As the tag line read "Feel Japan like never before"...well, the opening set the tone right by bringing in some traditional things for the first time in India.

Ah, not another Sushi darlings, that is available everywhere now. They brought a Robot, made like a woman and something that could  move and shake hands. Robots is again a synonym with Japanese so no big deal if they brought a machine like that. The big deal was that they brought in a Maiko in flesh and blood...the Japanese doll like. Okay, you would know a Maiko if you had read 'Memoirs of Geisha.' Well she is a trainee to become a Geisha, the traditional entertainer and dancer. I had read the book twice over because the detailing is so vivid that you can actually visualize the whole life of a Geisha.  When Maiko later performed traditional Kimono dance it felt so beautiful living a page from the life of a Geisha to be.

How could I not tell you about Wadaiko Drum performance that was before the Maiko's. That was an electrifying performance by young drummers lead by a girl. Oooh.....it was certainly not to be missed as I was told by the back stage guy. Thanks to him I was hooked on to the event till the end.

Did I say end?? What an end! Oh, that was quite a surprise. Have you ever seen a Japanese Sardar? I did, today night. Check out the flicks to believe and to feel like Japan. Chadda came on the stage attired like traditional Japanese and a turban on the head crooning saki O..the sad, sombre song which he explained were similar to our Gazals. Then his own rendition in Hindi but sung like a pure Saki O floored the audience. The MC was half Indian half Japanese and Chadda was 100% Japanese, at heart for sure as he said "WE JAPANESE"....

Well, thats a great way to celebrate a great bond....!!!      Great evening for me and AB....            Sayonara!!

Check all the flicks on fb too , I will upload Chadda's Video link too.


  1. What is the fb link to the pics?

    1. oops...for that, sorry, sorry. Here's the link to more pictures!! Hope you like these